Pros And Cons Of 0% Financing In Car Loans

It might sound like a dream, but 0% car financing is very much a reality. This deal essentially ensures a 0% interest rate on your car loan. You can take a look at various car dealerships and columbia bank medford to see which one currently offers this service.

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Like with all things, this deal has its pros and cons. Take a look at them to see whether this deal is the one you should aim for. 


  • Contrary to popular belief, finding this deal can be quite easy.
  • It greatly reduces your monthly payment amount.
  • You can go for more expensive vehicles with this financing.
  • A shorter loan term


  • You might have to face heavy penalties if you are not able to repay in time.
  • A short term can mean comparatively larger monthly payments.
  • You need a very high credit score to get approved for this deal.
  • Difficult to get qualified for this deal
  • Difficult to negotiate on such deals

Another thing to keep in mind is that you might not get the best models under this deal. This is usually given out by car dealers when a certain model does not achieve its target sales. It is essentially done to entice more customers.

Nevertheless, you can keep an out for it to see if your choice of car is offered under it.

Examine your needs and condition to see if this deal is the one for you. You should also consider the model, age, and company of your car.

The pros and cons form a crucial part of this evaluation. Always take a look at various other car loan deals before you settle for this one. It will help you achieve a more comprehensive view of why you should go for 0% car financing.